Youth Social Group Summer Activities!

Happy Summer! Our weekly Youth Social Group has been kicking off the summer with many fun and educational activities! We have created music and art together, learned how to budget, explored our career goals, learned about the science of egg drop experiments and conducted our very own, and enjoyed an active field day filled with camaraderie and excitement. Please enjoy photos from our field day and egg drop science experiments below.

Youth Social Group is open to youth and young adults ages 14 – 24 with disabilities looking to build social skills, prepare for the transition into adulthood, and learn new things with peers. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact Ashlyn Michael by phone (352) 378-7474 ext- 2056 or email

ID: There are a total of 3 graphics, all with a light blue background. Graphic 1 is a group photo of Youth Social Group participants; “Summer 2024” is written across a yellow sticker on the bottom left corner and the CILNCF logo is displayed on the bottom right corner. Graphic 2 contains an abstract collage of four photos taken during a Youth Social Group activity, both inside in the CIL Activity Room and outside of CILNCF office. Graphic 3 is a collage of four photos of Youth Social Group participating in the egg drop science experiment taken place inside and outside at CILNCF.