May Day Game Day!

Last month, we continued with our monthly Health and Wellness activities by having a fun and festive “May Day Game Day”! The Gainesville team had a wonderful time, relaxing, visiting with each other, tackling a 1,000-piece puzzle (and we’re still tackling it!) as well as playing a spirted game of Pictionary. The Ocala team also had a great time, playing games such as UNO Attack, Water Pong and the game that produced the most laughs of the day, Doubles Balloon Tennis!

For Doubles Balloon Tennis, staff had set up tables side by side, long ways, so when they started playing, the balloons were going everywhere and staff ended up just hitting whatever came by. They had made paddles out of paper plates with sticks taped on for the handles, and the “paddles” kept falling apart as staff played, so everyone ended up just holding the plates and hitting the balloons. Everyone was laughing so hard, they didn’t even bother to keep score! They all agreed at the end of the day, that they needed those laughs, and had not laughed like that for way too long! We’re so happy we can continue to offer our amazing CIL team these types of opportunities, so staff can get away from their desks for a bit and create new, non-work related memories with each other!

ID: graphic is a collage of 8 photos taken from the May Day Game Day in the CIL Ocala office, with a light turquoise background. CIL staff in the Ocala are shown throughout the photos standing around a rectangular table, playing the various games described in the caption above. There are 3 photos displayed vertically on the left and right side. Two photos are displayed vertically in the middle, with “May Day Game Day” written in purple in the top middle center and “Health & Wellness” written in blue in the bottom center.