Juneteenth celebrates freedom, but as we honor this day, let us also remember that many enslaved people also had disabilities, and their stories are often missing from the conversation. Their strength, resilience, and contributions deserve to be recognized.

This Juneteenth, we recommit to fighting for a world where ALL people have equal rights and opportunities, regardless of race or disability. We celebrate the progress towards liberation, but also acknowledge the work that remains.

Here are some ways you can learn more and get involved:

❤️ Read about the experiences of Black disabled people throughout history.

💛 Support Black-owned businesses with accessible features.

💚 Educate yourself and others about intersectionality and disability justice.

ID: Graphic displays 3 illustrated hearts colored green, brown, and red. Beneath it reads, “June 19th” in red, “Juneteenth” in brown, and “freedom day” in white cursive.