Wheelchair Ramp Success Story!

Mr. John, a 75-year-old gentleman facing mobility challenges due to disability and dialysis, recently reached out to our Center for help. His home’s lack of accessibility made it difficult for him to attend crucial doctor’s appointments and treatments without relying on family or friends to navigate the stairs.

Thanks to the generosity and support of our community, Mr. John now has a brand-new wheelchair ramp at his home! 🏡 This ramp now allows him to independently come and go, making his life much more convenient and enjoyable.

Mr. John is deeply grateful for this positive change, and we’re honored to have played a part in enhancing his quality of life. 💙

Thank you to everyone who contributes to making these transformations possible. Together, we’re making our community more inclusive and accessible for everyone!

ID: Graphic has two photos, a turquoise background with the CILNCF logo displayed on the top right corner. The top photo shows Mr. John’s home before the installation of this wheelchair ramp. The word, “Before” is written on tape across the top left corner of the photo. The bottom photo shows Mr. John’s home after the wheelchair ramp was installed. The word, “After” is written on tape across the bottom right corner of the photo. There is a white outline that borders both photos.