This past week in the Ocala ILS group, Ms. Tammy (a volunteer) came to visit and lead an activity. She brought all the supplies along to make and decorate some hot chocolate Valentine’s mugs! The group made paper hot chocolate mugs with marshmallows on top. Then inside the mugs consumers placed a packet of hot chocolate. They were put in a bag, twist tied shut and ready to give to their favorite valentine the next day. Everyone had a fun time getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and creating a homemade give from the heart. Thank you Ms. Tammy from all of us here at the CIL!  

ID: Graphic has a total of 4 pictures from the ILS activity, with a light pink background. The top left photo is a consumer holding a paper hot chocolate mugs with hearts on it and marshmallows on top. The top right photo shows the group creating their crafts. The bottom left is a group photo of consumers holding up the crafts they created. The bottom right photo is a consumer holding a paper hot chocolate mug with a big heart on it and “love” written inside the heart.