FAAST Annual Staff Retreat!

The CIL’s FAAST (Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology) Program provides assistive technology to Floridians with disabilities and their loved ones. Recently, we were happy to host the FAAST Headquarters staff during their annual staff retreat, where they planned out their year and collaborated on what is to come at their organization. Gainesville is the perfect halfway point between Tallahassee (FAAST Headquarters) and the FAAST remote employees in Central Florida. During their visit, they received educational presentations from Florida and Virgin Island Deaf-Blind Collaborative (FAVI) and CIL of North Central Florida. The FAAST team enjoyed their time with us in Gainesville, and we welcome any of our program partners to utilize our space if they are ever in need!

ID: Background is light, fading colors of pink, purple, blue and green. The CIL logo is in the top left corner, and the FAAST logo is at the bottom right. Image within the graphic is a group picture of 6 adults smiling and standing, and 1 adult smiling and sitting in a wheelchair at the far right. They are outside in front of the CILNCF sign at the Gainesville office. From left to right: Ebony Small ( Administrative and Financial Coordinator), Kailey Medlock (Training & Community Development Director), Eric Reed ( Executive Director), Tony Delisle, (CILNCF Executive Director), Hannah Brock ( State Assistive Technology Program Director), Tim McCann (Outreach Specialist), Megan Atkinson (Financial Loan Coordinator)