Health & Wellness Valentine’s Day!

We had a great time celebrating Valentine’s Day at the CIL (grade school style!), thanks to our Health and Wellness team!  CIL Staff were taken back to their childhoods and had the opportunity to decorate valentine’s boxes with their names on them.  Throughout the day, everyone had so much fun sending valentine’s gifts, cards, notes, and candy to their fellow team members.  We celebrated with bagels and pastries for breakfast and a large spread for lunch that included wraps, dips, crackers, cheese, fruit and tons of sweet and savory treats!  Thanks so much Health and Wellness team, for filling our working Valentine’s Day with so much love and appreciation!

ID:  First image has a bright red background with pink and white heart graphics in the top left and bottom right. There is also a white “xoxo” graphic in the center of the graphic. There are four photos shown in the graphic. The photo in the top left is in a heart shaped frame and shows (from left to right) CIL staff members Amy, Debbie, and Myrtle standing in the break room wearing their valentine’s day gear. Debbie is holding her plate of lunch. In the top right photo, the lunch spread is shown featuring a fruit tray, dip tray, wraps, cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries. The bottom left photo shows CIL staff (from left to right) Kelly and Ashlyn standing in the break room wearing matching pink pants. They are standing in front of a heart balloon and the staff’s decorated valentine’s day boxes. The bottom right photo is also in a heart-shaped frame showing off some valentine’s day pretzels and chocolates. 

Second image has a light pink background with an assortment of red hearts and red chocolate candies. There are two photos in the graphic, each surrounded by a polaroid frame. The photo on the left shows (from left to right) CIL staff members Clara, Amy, and Cammeron. They are standing in front of the lunch table that has an assortment of fruit, dip, wraps, and cookies. There is an “xoxo” graphic on the polaroid border. The photo on the right shows the staff’s decorated valentine’s day boxes and a red valentine’s day heart balloon in the break room. The polaroid border has a three heart graphic.