Latest Wheelchair Ramp Build!

Our Wheelchair Ramp Building Program continues to make a difference for our consumers!

Last month, Gail Bullock received a ramp through our Wheelchair Ramp Building Program. She was in a terrible car accident last year that caused bone and nerve damage on the right side of her body, causing difficulty walking and standing for long periods at a time. Gail let us know that without the help of the Center for Independent Living, she would be isolated in her home and would need help getting in and out. She is now able to go out independently into the community, as well as to important therapy and medical appointments! She is forever grateful to the CIL!  Special thanks to Mark Brisbane, CORE Services Director and Custom Design Renovations, for making this ramp build possible!

ID: The video includes before and after photos of Gail’s ramp, as well as a brief video of Gail describing how she obtained the ramp and her experience with CIL.