CIL staff represents at Santa Fe College!

At the beginning of March, CIL Staff Sada attended a Disability Awareness Month kick-off event at Santa Fe College.  It was a wonderful time to connect with community members and students at Santa Fe to share information about the Center for Independent Living and its services.  One of the participants even made this awesome balloon hat for Sada!  We can’t wait to be back to Santa Fe’s campus for our Alachua County Emergency Preparedness Expo, set to take place on Friday,

April 14th, from 8:45AM-1:00PM.  You can register for the free event by clicking the link below:

P.S. The balloon hat maker has signed up for the event so come on out and you may get one too!

Thanks so much!

ID:  Image consists of two photos of CIL Staff Sada. The top picture is of Sada standing behind the CIL table which holds flyers for CIL services and CIL swag items. Sada is wearing a white CIL polo shirt, silver sunglasses, and a black lanyard that holds her CIL badge. The bottom picture is of Sada signing peace while wearing a balloon hat (blue, green, and white). The background is purple and blue up top, and turquoise and green at the bottom.