Wellness & Easter Activities at The CIL!

We hope everyone is enjoying the spring season! Towards the end of last month, both of our offices in Gainesville and Ocala celebrated the upcoming Easter holiday, with a little Wellness Easter activity and treats!

In Gainesville, everyone enjoyed lunch snacks, Easter candy, and got into the spring spirit during a particularly rainy day. Everyone also had a chance to guess the number of eggs in an Easter basket. The eggs were filled with candy, toys and a stuffed Easter colored ground hog. Congrats to Destini, who was our lucky winner with the closest guess, so she won the basket!

In Ocala, everyone enjoyed a homemade, fresh fruit salad, some festive Easter chocolates and everyone also took a guess at how many eggs were in an Easter basket, filled with toys, some chocolates, as well as a stuffed ducky. Congrats to Peg, who was our lucky winner of the basket in Ocala!

ID: The graphic has a pale blue background with a vibrant flower border on the sides with purple, pink, and orange flowers. There are two images displayed. The top image is our staff member Peg who made the closest guess to how many items were in the Easter basket in Ocala. She is smiling and holding the basket of colorful eggs with a yellow, stuffed ducky on top. The bottom image is our staff member Destini who made the closest guess in Gainesville. She is also smiling holding up her basket of colorful eggs.