The Amazing Give is just 2 weeks away!

Help us reach our goal of $10,000 to support vital programs for young people with disabilities!

Your donation will benefit both our High School High Tech (HSHT) Program and Youth Social Group. HSHT empowers students with career exploration and educational opportunities, while the Social Group fosters friendships and skill development.

Your donation through the Amazing Give makes a difference! It helps young people build brighter futures filled with possibilities and growth. Stay tuned for more updates! Let’s come together on this incredible journey. Every contribution counts!

ID: Graphic has a beige background, with The Amazing Give logo displayed in the top center. Directly beneath reads, “Supporting High School High Tech and Youth Social Group!” There are 4 illustrations of young people at the bottom with speech bubbles above their respective heads that reads their experience from participating in The CIL’s youth programs. From left to right there is:
1) a male wearing a yellow sweater with a yellow speech bubble above his head that reads, “I feel comfortable here; it has impacted me a lot!”
2) a female wearing a turquoise t-shirt with a turquoise speech bubble above her head that reads, “Helps me be motivated about the next steps for my career in life.”
3) a female wearing a pink long sleeve shirt with a pink speech bubble above her head that reads, “I get to explore new opportunities!”
4) a male wearing a green long sleeve shirt with a green speech bubble above his head that reads, “It means a lot to me because I love to talk with other people!”