The Amazing Give is in 4 weeks!

Our fundraising target is $10,000, directly benefiting our High School High Tech Program and Youth Social Group for youth with disabilities. High School High Tech provides career and education opportunities, while the Youth Social Group fosters friendships and skills development for individuals aged 14-24 with disabilities.

Your donations through the Amazing Give platform are crucial in supporting these initiatives and making a meaningful impact on the lives of our youth with disabilities. Stay tuned for updates and join us in creating a brighter and more inclusive future. Thank you for your support!

ID: Graphic reads, “Benefits of Giving Donations to our Youth Programs” in bright red at the top. Directly beneath to the left is charcoal colored box with white text the reads, “Skills Development. Your donations will be used to create programs that empower our youth by providing them with life skills.” Directly beneath is white colored box with black text the reads, “Access to Career Resources. Students have access to explore job opportunities or pursue postsecondary education that leads to highly sought-after careers.” Directly beneath is The Amazing Give logo with the event date of April 25, 2024.” On the right side of the graphic is a photo of a female student wearing glasses and reading from an open booklet in her hand.