Housing Success!

We would like to share a recent housing success story that changed the life of one of our consumers!

The CIL’s housing support empowers individuals with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness by connecting them with community supports to assist their transition. Jane contacted the CIL in need of safe, stable and affordable housing. CIL staff assessed her situation and connected her with St. Francis House to secure a bed temporarily, while searching for housing options.

Through this partnership, and a lot of hard work, Jane is now successfully housed! Special thanks to CIL staff Sada Ahmed and Mark Brisbane, as well as St. Francis House, Director of Housing, Eric Davis. This ongoing partnership has housed so many people with disabilities throughout the years, giving them a place to call home, and for this we are truly grateful.

Here are a few words from Eric Davis:

“Jane came to the shelter as a referral from another social service agency, the CIL. We were told that there was a woman, who is Deaf, and uses a wheelchair due to ALS. On top of this, Jane was leaving a situation that only compounded these issues. She never complained and always wears a smile on her face. Jane was also going out of her way to help others where she could. One of our employees knew how to sign his name, and this opened the door to begin dialogue between us. We built our rapport with Jane, met for case management, and were successful in finding Jane an accessible home. The air we breathe makes us all related, so take a breath and realize it takes us all to make it!”

ID: Photo #1 is (left to right) Eric with Jane with a blue background behind the photo. Photo #2 is (left to right) Sada with Jane with a turquoise background behind the photo. In both photos: the top left corner reads, “Housing Success” in white. There is a white line running vertically on the left side of the photo and a white line running horizontally on the bottom right corner of the photo. The CILNCF logo is displayed on the top right corner.