Thank You Anonymous Donors!

We are overjoyed to express our deepest gratitude to a group of remarkable individuals who have quietly made a big impact!

To our 9 anonymous donors, you know who you are, and today, we want to celebrate your incredible generosity. Collectively, you’ve contributed a total of $650 to our Give4Marion fundraiser, and your actions speak volumes about your commitment to making a difference in the lives of those with disabilities and for our community.

Your anonymous donations may go unnoticed by many, but to us, you are true heroes, quietly doing your part to uplift our community. Your actions inspire us every day to continue working tirelessly to empower those with disabilities, provide vital services, and advocate for positive change.

Thank you, once again, to our anonymous donors. You are making the world a better place, one act of generosity at a time.

ID: Graphic has “Thank you” written in script font, in purple across the top right. Additional text reading, “to our Anonymous Donors – While you may remain anonymous, your impact is profound and deeply appreciated. You are an integral part of our journey, and we are immensely grateful for your trust and support.” is written in black to the left. The CILNCF logo is displayed on the top right corner.