ILS September Updates!

Hey there, ILS community! 👋✨

We’ve got some amazing updates to share with you all! 📣 Once a month on Thursday, we’re graced with the presence of a wonderful visitor from Georgia, and we fondly call him Mr. O! Mr. O is no ordinary guest; he’s a personal trainer who joins us via Zoom and leads us through a fantastic session of stretches, deep breathing, and light/seated exercises. After these sessions, we can confidently say we feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer anything! 💪

Also, September is Deaf Awareness Month, and we’ve been diving deep into Deaf history and culture all month long. Did you know there are incredible Deaf sportsmen, inventors, musicians, actors, and more who’ve made their mark in history? We’ve been uncovering these hidden gems, and we’re also learning some basic conversational sign language, fingerspelling, and even cooking terms in our basic cooking group. So, if you’ve never joined us before, this is the perfect opportunity to hop on board!

But wait, there’s even more to look forward to in October! We’ve got a whole lot of fun planned, with interns teaching various topics, some exciting fall crafts, and interesting pumpkin facts to get you in the autumn spirit! 🍁 Get ready for some awesome ideas for fall fun!

Don’t miss out on all the goodness coming your way with ILS. Join us, be a part of this incredible community!

ID: Graphic has a background that is light blue on the bottom half ad white on the top half. A photo from the ILS personal training session with Mr. in the activity room at CIL Gainesville is displayed in the center. “Independent Living Skills” is written underneath and the CILNCF logo is displayed on the top center.