Shoutout to Kevin Towles For His Hard Work!

We wanted to give a shoutout and thank you to our own Kevin Towles for his hard work in Tallahassee at the States Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) recently. Kevin has been working with state directors who are in charge of responding to the COVID 19 Pandemic. We have heard a lot of positive feedback about his work throughout his time in the SEOC. Many have thanked Kevin for his awesome work and for helping to make a difference!

This is the first time that the Independent Living Network and CIL’s around the state are working with state officials, and finding ways together to help people with disabilities have access to food, personal protective equipment, transportation, contact information and other emergency needs. Special thanks to Bryan Russell with the Department of Health and Peter Newman with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for your continued support during this time.

Thank you Kevin for all of your hard work and dedication, and helping our Center provide this great service to the state and people with disabilities throughout the state!

Here are some pictures of Kevin working and of the environment he was in! Thanks again, Kevin! Keep up the great work.