CIL Partnership with GPD BOLD Program for Food Delivery Program

Throughout these challenging times as we deal with the coronavirus as a community, we wanted to highlight the CIL’s partnership with the Gainesville Police Department and their BOLD program. This program works with boys between the ages of 18 to 26 years of age and helps them attain independence by learning essential personal, professional and educational skills. The BOLD program is currently helping the community by delivering food to people and families in need during this pandemic.

Robert Wright, an intervention specialist with BOLD, is spearheading this campaign and taking it upon himself to deliver food to people in need throughout Alachua county. The BOLD program is working together with the CIL to determine who in the community is in need of these food delivery services.

The feedback for the program has been positive and there has been an overwhelming amount of gratitude and appreciation expressed by those who are receiving these deliveries. Robert says that “receiving food is a very personal moment” and finds the experience to be very humbling. Robert has worked with the CIL’s Mark Brisbane and Catholic Charities to seek out those who need food and delivery assistance.

The CIL’s Mark Brisbane has said of the program that BOLD has been a blessing through their assistance with delivering food to those who cannot get out to buy groceries. Mark has been in touch with Robert and has helped schedule food drop offs to certain homes so that people are receiving food when they need it.

Robert would also like to thank the BOLD manager, Mr. Steven Belk along with the Youth Services Director, Robert Woody and the Chief of Police, Tony Jones for their support. Other supportive BOLD staff members include Michael Booth and Pamela Boykin.

The CIL and our community are very grateful for the work being done by BOLD during these tough times. The hard work being done by people in our community to help others is truly outstanding and we appreciate all of you. We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy!