Radiant Credit Union October Charity of the Month!

The CIL recently won $1,000 in the Radiant Credit Union October Charity of the Month contest! Our very own Associate Director, Amy Feutz, nominated CILNCF as an organization making our community a better place. Those who nominate the winner also receive a $100, which Amy donated right back to the CIL for a total of $1,100!

We are so grateful to everyone who voted for the CIL, and to our incredible staff for all the hard work they do to help our community thrive, every single day. What a wonderful way to enter into a season of giving and thanks!

Thank you to Radiant Credit Union for your continuous efforts towards giving back to our community. If you know an organization that is working to make our community a better place, nominate them at https://www.radiantcu.org/comm…/charity-of-the-month.shtml

ID: Image is of Tony (left), Kristen (center), and Amy (right) holding a lifesize check, inside a Radiant Credit Union Branch.