JP-PAS Program making a difference!

The JP-PAS Program continues to empower and make a difference for people with disabilities by providing monthly stipends to qualified Floridians who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living.  Peter, pictured below, is a recipient of JP-PAS and had a wonderful opportunity to work for the United States Air Force.  What does your future hold?  Sign up for JP-PAS today!

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing program or if you would like to learn more, please visit!

Image description: Blue sky background with white clouds throughout the graphic.  The top of the image reads: “The JP-PAS Personal Attendant Services and Employment Assistance Program” in large dark blue lettering. In the bottom center of the graphic, there is a picture of Peter smiling, receiving an award for his work with the United States Air Force.  He is sitting in his wheelchair, holding his award, and wearing a black suit with tie and a white collared shirt. Another individual in Air Force fatigues is standing to his left, also smiling and holding a part of the award.  The FACIL logo is in the center of the graphic on the left side and the JP-PAS logo is in the center on the right side. In between them is the program’s website, written in the above paragraph.