Join us at the Ocala CIL for a Free AT Training Event!

Please join us for a training event at the CIL in Ocala on Tuesday, November 1st at 10am!  The “Florida Visually Impaired Assistive Technology Training” is a collaboration with the Florida Visually Impaired and Blind Services, and the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST) Program.    

This training will cover Assistive Technology that helps accommodate for reading small print, seeing distances, and more!  Space is limited, so if interested, please call Brandon Palermo at 352-368-3788 to reserve a seat!

ID:  Image is a flyer for the event, containing all of the information mentioned above, with light blue borders on the left and right sides.  The FAAST logo is at the top of the image to the left and the Florida Visually Impaired and Blind Services logo is at the top to the right.  The CIL logo is towards the bottom.