Fall and Halloween season at the CIL!

We are officially in the Fall and Halloween season, and our Ocala office is getting ready to celebrate with these fun and festive decorations around the office!  Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm! 

ID:  Two images with pictures of Ocala staff and Halloween decorations. 

The first image contains five pictures, top left is a wooden sign of a purple witch’s hat, with orange belt around the base, and yellow buckle.  Spider webs are at the top and on the bottom left brim, with a spider hanging down from the tip of the hat.  Below the hat, there is a sign pointing to the right that says, “Happy Halloween” and “In”.  Top right is Andrea’s face in the middle of a spider graphic.  Bottom left is Colleen’s face in a bat graphic and she is upside down hanging from a tree branch; in the middle it says, “Boo!” and at the bottom it says, “Have a scary Halloween!”  Bottom middle is Lauren’s face in a wicked witch of the west graphic, and bottom right is Amanda’s face in a ghost graphic.

The second image contains four pictures, top left is a picture of Kevin’s face in a Frankenstein graphic, top right is a picture of Lucinda’s face in a purple cat graphic with a witch hat, bottom left is a picture of Brandon’s face in a skeleton graphic, and bottom right is a picture of various Halloween trick or treat buckets and decorations on a table.