ION Gainesville Hosting Virtual Bingo Nights this spring!

Join us for a night of fun, prizes, and friends!

ION Gainesville is back for 2022, and they will be hosting their monthly virtual bingo nights every third Friday through May!

The first bingo night of the year will be THIS Friday, January 21st, from 7 pm to 8:15 pm. All young adults with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 30-ish are welcome! Check out the flyer for more information and we hope to see you there!

Image Description: Light pink background featuring the ION Gainesville logo in the middle of a tick tac toe pattern that looks like a bingo card, with Bingo images and stickers surrounding the logo that say the word bingo, the date and time of the upcoming bingo night in the top left box that reads, “January 21st, 7pm to 8:15pm”, and the dates of the upcoming bingo nights in the top right box that reads, “February 18th, March 18th, April 18th and May 20th”. The top of the flyer reads, “Bingo Friday Night Fun” in large pink bubble letters and below it in smaller, dark pink print it says, “Join us for Virtual Bingo, prizes, and friends for young adults with disabilities ages 18-30”. On the bottom of the flyer, the text reads, “If you want to join the bingo nights, email or call Trish Thoburn at:; (352) 339 – 6278”.