Dr. Tony Delisle shares his hopes for the new year

Our Executive Director, Tony Delisle, wanted to share a message with you about his hopes for the new year, as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. Please read below!

It is my wish everyone has a healthy and happy New Year. I am hopeful we will have a year of progress and unity. I also recognize as a society we continue to face challenging circumstances.

Adaptability, resiliency, and perseverance are some of the important virtues people with disabilities develop throughout their lifetime to live independently. All of us will need to hold these virtuous close as we welcome and navigate the year 2022; a year the world is expected to continue living in the midst of a pandemic, see increasing inflation, and more social unrest. I believe all of us can triumph over these adversities if we learn the virtues people with disabilities embrace in their daily lives. In doing so we will adapt and accommodate to the obstacles before us; enduring through them with unstoppable resilience; overcoming division through the unity of our commonalities; and persevering as we always have throughout the history of humanity. People with disabilities posses all the world needs and it is up to us to lead the way by showing who we are as a united and resilient community. The CILNCF is committed more than ever in supporting those we serve in continuing to be the change the world needs.

Image is a picture of Tony posing with his arms up behind the Center for Independent Living sign posted to the side of 36th Terrace, near the Gainesville office.