From Homelessness to Hope: A Community’s Journey of Transformation

Recently, CILNCF had the privilege to assist a consumer in their transition out of experiencing homelessness. This journey began with the referral for a Section 8 housing voucher, providing the individual with the opportunity to secure a newfound residence. 🏠 With the voucher in hand, our consumer took the crucial step toward a brighter future. However, after covering the hefty move-in costs, they found themselves with no funds to transform their new space into a true home.

This is where the incredible power of community came into play. Through the relentless advocacy of our CIL staff, we connected with the amazing charity organization, Mitzvah Makers. Together, we secured funds to ensure a comfortable and smooth transition for our consumer. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Mitzvah Makers, we have successfully transformed a house into a home for this consumer.

The funds were stretched to cover all the consumer’s requests for necessary personal items, and we’re thrilled to share the incredible list of contributions made possible by the generosity of various CIL staff and an anonymous donor:

◽️New queen mattress and bed frame
◽️Microwave and toaster oven
◽️Round table and chairs
◽️TV and stand
◽️Pots and pans
◽️Bed frame
◽️Curtains and rods
◽️Area rugs
◽️Bed sheets
◽️Cleaning supplies

This transformation, made possible by the collaboration of many hands, showcases the impact we can create when we come together as a community.

Special thanks to our staff: Claudia for donating 4 chairs and coordinating 2 large furniture deliveries, CIL for donating the table and a TV stand, Kim for donating a TV, Sada for donating a Toaster Oven and Microwave and assisting with the final large delivery!

ID: Graphic has two pictures. The top left picture shows the consumer in her new home, with writing on the wall above her that reads, “Is what you are of doing is possible.” Below the picture is a purple rectangle with the “Thank You!” written in white. The bottom right photo shows the consumer’s dining table, with 4 chairs, a pink table cloth, and and 4 gold place settings. Letters on the wall behind the table read, “Family”