December ILS Crafts and Wrap Party!

December at ILS is all about the spirit of giving! 🎁 Throughout the month, we embrace the traditional theme of “Giving of Ourselves.” Throughout the month, we’ve been busy crafting heartfelt gifts to share with others. Last week, we celebrated with a “wrap” party where we wrapped up these handmade treasures to gift to family and friends. 🌟 The festivities continued with pizza, games, and a little treat for each of us from the CIL. It’s the season of giving, and we’re making it memorable at ILS!

ID: Graphic has 3 photos, with a purple background. The top picture shows our ILS group sitting around a large rectangular table, creating crafts. The bottom left picture shows 3 consumers enjoying delicious treats. The bottom right picture is a crafted Christmas tree and an ornament made by one of the consumers. In the center of the graphic is a “search bar” that reads, “DECEMBER ILS” with a magnifying glass to the right.