Florida CIL’s working together in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian!

Today we wanted to highlight the awesome efforts of CIL’s throughout the state working together in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.  Three Florida CIL’s were completely damaged by flood waters and needed immediate assistance for their consumers, who were severely affected by the storm. 

Kevin Towles, CIL Consumer Specialist, received a call at the beginning of last week that the CIL in Daytona Beach, disAbility Solutions for IL, needed assistance after taking on waste high water at their facility.  Through Operation BBQ, Kevin picked up food at Sonny’s BBQ in DeLand, FL, and delivered lunch and dinner in the parking lot of the CIL in Daytona Beach throughout the day.

Operation BBQ aids communities and first responders affected by natural disasters by providing one hot meal that matters during times of need.  This program, with a network of volunteers and equipment across the country, can mobilize immediately following natural disasters and be serving hot meals within 24-48 hours of the disaster.

The Sonny’s BBQ in DeLand donated over 200 meals that day to disAbility Solutions for IL’s consumers with disabilities, which is amazing!  Thank you so much Kevin for your immediate response to help a fellow CIL in need! 

ID:  Three pictures within the image; the picture on the left is of Kevin (far right) with three Sonny’s staff members standing in front of Kevin’s open car trunk that is filled with bags of food.  The top right is of Kevin passing out food to a consumer at the CIL in Daytona Beach, with his open trunk behind them, and the bottom right is also of Kevin passing out food to a consumer.