Employment Success Story!

🎉 October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we want to celebrate incredible success stories like Cheryl’s!

Meet Cheryl Lasaga, an incredible individual who turned challenges into triumphs! Cheryl participated in 60 hours of intensive training, gaining a fresh perspective on her career. With her Bachelor’s degree from CF, she embraced her rights and advocacy, paving the way for a successful journey. Cheryl’s positivity shone through as she shared her experiences and laughed with her Employment Trainer, Brandon Palermo. Now, she’s on the path to employment with the support of her Employment Consultant, Lauren McKittrick. Cheryl also explored new educational technologies through the FAAST Demonstration program, proving that determination knows no boundaries!

ID: Graphic has a blue border and a picture of Cheryl in the top half. The bottom half reads, “Cheryl’s success story with CILNCF is remarkable. After completing 60 hours of training, she gained a new perspective on her career in agency management and community service. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from CF, Cheryl’s awareness of her rights has been instrumental in her career and educational decisions. She now seeks employment with Lauren McKittrick’s guidance and has also explored educational technologies through the FAAST Demonstration program.” Success Story is written in blue text between the two halves.