DME and AT Equipment Available at the CIL!

Big things are happening in the world of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Assistive Technology (AT)! Claudia and Sada have been hard at work collecting and distributing donations across Alachua county. They have recently received a large donation in Newberry, dropped off a wheelchair in Alachua, and collected a hospital bed here in Gainesville. 

Today, the hospital bed will be made available to a community member in Ocala, and we will have a new one coming in tomorrow! The donations are coming in as “FAAST” as they are going!! If you or someone you know needs DME or AT, or you would like to donate, please contact the Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida at 352-378-7474.

Images are of three pictures, the first picture is of Mr. Velazquez sitting in a wheelchair in the doorway of his home, with the new wheelchair in a box in front of him from the Wheelchair Foundation, the second picture is of CIL staff Eric (left) and Sada (right) standing behind various DME items and in front of a red truck with a U-Haul trailer connected to the back.  They are both smiling with their mouths open and Eric’s arms are outstretched. The third picture is of Eric (left) and Claudia (right) loading the donated hospital bed into the U-Haul trailer. Claudia is standing in the trailer and smiling and Eric is outside of the trailer in the back.