CIL Employment Program Continues Making A Difference for our Consumers!

We wanted to share another success story from our Employment Program! Please read below and enjoy!

CIL consumer, Melba, has recently been referred to the CIL for employment services. She used to be a school bus driver for the School Board of Alachua County. Now, Melba is interested in pursuing customer services, but her computer skills are very limited. CIL Employment Team member Muriel, learned about Santa Fe College’s Displaced Homemaker Program, where they offer computer courses for free. Muriel referred Melba to the program, and Melba did her part and contacted them.

Melba has been taking part in the program for about a month now, and she is really enjoying the computer course and has learned a lot. She so looks forward to attending the computer class. Melba rates herself at an 8 and states that she is very comfortable using the computer now. 

Great job Muriel and to the entire Employment Team for helping our consumers with disabilities gain more confidence and motivation as they pursue meaningful employment!

Image is a picture of Melba at the CIL in the lobby. She is standing in front of CIL brochures, smiling and wearing glasses and a red, long-sleeved shirt.