Developmental Service Trainers (DST)

We can’t believe the hurricane season is already in its third month! Here at the CIL, we’re continuing to be diligent in preparing our consumers and community for any type of emergency through our Emergency Preparedness Program.

CIL Staff Kevin Towles and Terri Poucher recently worked with one of our highly supportive and valued Marion County community partners, Developmental Service Trainers (DST), located in Ocala. Kevin and Terri visited DST last month and met one-on-one with 25 consumers to assist each of them with creating Emergency Action Plans (EAP), a vital part in preparing for emergencies!

Unfortunately, in the past few years, people with disabilities were more of an after-thought when it came to preparing them for emergencies, and resources were extremely limited. The CIL’s Emergency Preparedness Program strives to fill this gap, by consistently providing information, planning assistance, Emergency Preparedness Expos and community presentations, to fully prepare people with disabilities for emergencies. This helps our community members and partners understand how we can work together, so that no one is left behind.

Thanks so much to Kevin and Terri for helping people with disabilities gain even more independence throughout the hurricane season and beyond!

Please visit for updated information, as well as the State of Florida Emergency Contacts listed by county.

ID: Group photo of Kevin (far left) at Developmental Service Trainers, with 16 DST consumers. Behind the photo is a background of white on the top half and purple on the bottom half. “Developmental Service Trainers (DST) and CIL Emergency Preparedness Program is written below the photo.