ILS Group Cooking Presentation!

Our ILS group turned up the heat last month with a basic cooking class and two mouthwatering demos! CIL Intern Stephanie took the culinary reins and wowed us all with her zest for lemons. She provided an educational presentation on the benefits of lemons and created a video of herself making lemon bars. The group had the opportunity to try the lemon bars after the presentation. Stephanie also made some lemonade for the group to enjoy during the presentation!

What truly made the experience memorable was the interactive aspect. Not only did we get to learn about lemons and their incredible benefits, but we also got to taste the fruits of Stephanie’s labor – literally! Thanks so much to Stephanie for providing a fun and informative presentation for our ILS consumers!

ID: Graphic is a polaroid picture of Stephanie holding a tray of lemon bars and a cup of lemonade, standing in the break room at CILNCF. “ILS Group Cooking Class” is written on the bottom of the polaroid in blue. One piece of masking tape is on the top right corner the polaroid and another piece of masking tape is on the bottom left corner of the polaroid, to hold the polaroid up against the background, which is an abstract blue color.