CIL Housing Program partnership making a huge difference in our community!

The CIL’s Housing Program continues to change lives with our Grace Marketplace partnership!  Please read a wonderful testimonial below from Grace’s Eric Davis!

Sean Riley and Moses Riley have a home!  The Riley family moved to Gainesville from Philadelphia, “because they have the best pediatric hospital in my opinion, they kept my son alive.”  Moses has a rare heart condition, which has caused the little man to have already undergone 2 heart surgeries; he will need more in the future.  Sean himself had a kidney transplant, “which went bad after my mother passed away.”  Sean is currently going to dialysis 3 times a week, while he awaits another transplant himself.  Every time we met, he always had a beautiful smile on his face and was always giving praise.  “I wish my mother was here to see this, she always told me to make sure to take care of Moses.”  It’s been an honor and privilege being of service to this amazing family!  “I thank you, so much.  God is good.  This is great!”

Eric, you are a rock star!  Thank you for this amazing partnership as we work together in our service to people with disabilities who are homeless in our community!

Image is a picture of (from left to right) Eric, Sean and Moses, standing in a neighborhood with trees and leaves in the background. They are all smiling and Sean is holding Moses in his arms.