Are you ready to make a change today? You can with JP-PAS!

The JP-PAS Program continues to empower and make a difference for people with disabilities by providing monthly stipends to qualified Floridians who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living.  Salim, pictured below, is a recipient of JP-PAS and had a wonderful opportunity to work for NASA.  Are you ready to reach for the stars?  Sign up for JP-PAS today!

If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing program or if you would like to learn more, please visit!

Image is two pictures of Salim.  The picture to the left is Salim sitting in his wheelchair, with a large loading bay and Artemis logo in the background, wearing a name badge, beige long-sleeved oxford shirt with black pants.  The second picture is Salim sitting in his wheelchair with a launch pad and rocket in the background, wearing a blue oxford work shirt with blue sunglasses.