CIL Emergency Preparedness staff represents in Citrus and Dixie Counties!

The CIL’s Emergency Preparedness Program keeps staying busy! 

Last week, Kevin and Sada attended the 2022 Citrus County Sheriff’s Office All-Hazards Expo at the Crystal River mall and we feel so lucky to have been invited! The attendance at the event was incredible and we got to share important information about CILNCF with many new community members and organizations.  Huge thanks to the organizers, fellow vendors, and the Citrus County community for such a fantastic experience!

Kevin also attended and represented the CIL at the first annual Dixie County Emergency Preparedness Expo earlier this month.  Special shout out to Alison with Community Paramedic for helping to put this Expo together in a small setting within a short amount of time, less than a month! 

The first Dixie County Expo turned out great and Alison shared these thoughts, “It was an excellent opportunity for the providers to get together and learn about each other.  This was kind of a practice run for a more large-scale event.  I feel like each of the vendors were pleased with the location and information they learned about each other and everyone was willing to attend another one in the future.” 

GREAT JOB to our Emergency Preparedness Team and all that you do to help prepare people with disabilities for the upcoming hurricane season!

Image includes two pictures from both events.  The first picture is from the Citrus County event of Sada (left) and Kevin (right) tabling with CIL information and the CIL standing banner to the left of the table.  The second picture is from the Dixie County event of Kevin presenting to the attendees.