CIL and Toys for Tots Partnership making dreams come true this holiday season!

In December, the Toys for Tots program and CIL once again partnered up, to help families with disabilities make their children’s dreams come true this Christmas. The CIL assisted 18 families and a total of 45 children in Alachua County, as well as 4 families in Marion County, with an additional 10 children! That is a total of 22 families and 55 children that we helped serve this holiday season! 

We can’t thank the Toys for Tots program enough, for what they do for all of our children in need during the holidays! Special thanks also to our ILS Coordinator, Terri Poucher, who organizes our Toys for Tots partnership!

Images are pictures of Toys for Tots families picking up their bags of toys and bikes, with Terri Poucher.