Annual ADA Expo

Last Wednesday, CILNCF was represented at the annual ADA Expo by several staff members. Christie, Ashlyn, Kevin, Riley, Sarah, and Sada had a wonderful time connecting with our neighbors with disabilities and fellow community organizations. This gathering took place to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was an amazing turnout, especially considering it was the first in-person version in three years due to the pandemic. Thank you to the City of Gainesville, Office of Equity and Inclusion and Alachua County Health Department for hosting the event. We look forward to attending again next year!

ID: There are 3 graphics. Graphic #1 has a purple background with the CILNCF logo on the top right. A photo of (from left to right) Christie, Kevin, Sada and Ashlyn standing behind the CIL table, covered with a royal blue tablecloth is centered on the graphic. Annual ADA Expo is written above the photo on the top left corner. A white line is drawn to the left of the photo. CILNCF is written below the photo on the bottom right with a white line to the left. Graphic #2 has a blue background with a photo showing an overview of the event, held in a gymnasium with vendor tables. Graphic #3 has a turquoise background with a photo of the CIL staff in action at the table with the standing CIL banner to the left.