Wheelchair Ramp Building Program – Before & After!

Our Wheelchair Ramp Building Program continues to make a difference in our consumer’s lives! Debbie was in dire need of a ramp, as she was in jeopardy of having to go into a nursing home due to her disability. But thanks to our new program for modular ramps, we were able to secure a ramp for Debbie this past month, and ensure that she is able to continue living independently in her own home. Debbie is thrilled and still can’t believe she has a new ramp! She now has access to the community and is able to go to important doctor appointments and therapy, without needing assistance from neighbors or relatives to help her go up and down stairs in her wheelchair. Debbie said the best part of her morning is now sitting on the front deck of her ramp, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, the fresh clean air and sunshine. She is forever grateful for this blessing and for the Center for Independent Living!

Special thanks to our CORE Services Director, Mark Brisbane, for continuing to make this happen for our consumers with disabilities in need of a ramp and better access to their community!

ID: Post has two images. Image #1 has two polaroid graphics; the left polaroid is a “before” photo of the home with no ramp and the right polaroid is a photo of the home with a newly built ramp. Image #2 shows an up close photos of the home at the door entryway of before and after images; the left photo has no ramp at the entryway and right photo shows the ramp built at the door entryway. There is text at the bottom of each image displaying “WheelChair Ramp Building Program”.