CIL & University of Florida Campaign for Charities

The Center for Independent Living’s 2011 UFCC # is 3025

Each fall, UF sponsors the UF Campaign for Charities (UFCC) to raise money for nonprofit, health and human service oriented organizations in Gainesville and surrounding areas. The campaign allows employees to give to one or more campaign charities through payroll deduction, cash, check, or bank card.

100% of all funds donated to the Center for Independent Living through the campaign are used to:

  1. Build wheelchair ramps at NO COST for people who cannot afford to have one built themselves.
  2. Provide assistance to people with disabilities wanting out of nursing homes, by providing financial assistance for such things as rental application fees, rental deposits, utility deposits, etc.

Imagine needing to rely on a wheelchair for your daily mobility.  Now imagine that your home is not accessible and because you live on a fixed income, you are without the financial means to afford the cost of having a wheelchair ramp built (Average cost is approximately $1,500).  How are you going to get in and out of your own home to access the community in which you live?  How will you go to school, work, shopping, etc.?

For far too many people, living right here in Gainesville and Alachua County, this is their reality.  It should be unacceptable for even one (1) person to be living in such a circumstance.  However, right now the Center for Independent Living has nearly 100 people on our waiting list for a wheelchair ramp.  

When a person is without the ability to enter and exit their own home as easily as anyone else, many side effects arise… none of which are good.  One of the more concerning effects of such inaccessibility at home is isolation.

Pictured is an example of the real, positive & significant impact your contribution can have on the life of someone. 

When the Center for Independent Living applies your contribution toward the cost of building a wheelchair ramp all (100%) of your contribution goes toward the cost materials needed to build the wheelchair ramp.  We then join with partnering organizations to mobilize volunteers who generously give of their time and expertise to provide the labor to build the ramp.

Join us, and together we can make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a REAL PERSON. 


via University of Florida Campaign for Charities.