Triviadrome Fundraising Charity!

Last month, we were selected as the recipient for fundraising charity for the Triviadrome season finals! $519 was raised that night and, with our trivia hosts’ contributions, we raised nearly $600 for The Center for Independent Living of North Central Florida!!! These funds will go on to sustain our services with the most need, allowing us to continue to empower people with disabilities in achieving their goals for independence. Some of our CILNCF staff–Clara, Holly, Cammeron, and Sada–partook in the trivia game and they had such a blast! Many thanks to Triviadrome for this amazing opportunity!!!

ID: There are 3 pictures, each framed in a polaroid border with a colorful background.
Picture 1 from left to right are Clara, Holly, Cammeron, and Sada holding the check on stage, with Triviadrome staff member standing next to Sada and giving a thumbs-up.
Picture 2 is Sada taking a selfie with Holly, Clara and Cammeron in the background.
Picture 3: Picture of Triviadrome announcer talking on stage at the event. The screen reads, “Triviadrome Science Fiction Double Feature: Season Finale and Charity Game benefitting the Center for Independent Living, Saturday, May 13, 8PM, The Backyard.”