Toys For Tots

Last week, we had a lot of fun “shopping” for and collecting toys for all our CIL families! The CIL has partnered with the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program for several years now, and we cannot thank them enough, year after year, for helping so many of our families have a wonderful Christmas with a visit from Santa!

This year we helped 33 families with disabilities and a total of 74 children! We were thrilled to see the CIL kitchen completely packed with bags and bikes that are bound to bring so many smiles and feelings of joy to the children who will be unwrapping them! At pick up time, there were a lot of thank yous and smiles from our grateful families.

We were thankful to have several of Santa’s helpers assist with picking out specific toys from children’s wish lists, and that made things go much faster and smoother. It was so appreciated that staff took the time out of their very busy day to help bring some holiday cheer to our families in need! Special thanks go to all of our wonderful CIL elves: Terri, Myrtle, her husband Eli, Holly, Stephanie, Lindsey, Clara, Claudia, Destini and Medjina. We even had a retired staff member Don take time out of retirement life to help pick out gifts. You are all awesome, thank you infinity!

ID: Graphic is a photo collage that includes 6 pictures from our Toys For Tots drive. Each photo has a red bow and ribbon displayed on one of it’s sides. The bottom left corner has an illustration of a green present. The bottom right has an illustration of a green Christmas tree. The top left reads, “TOYS FOR TOTS” with a red santa hat situated for the T in TOYS.