The Amazing Give is 2 weeks away!

The Amazing Give is now 2 WEEKS AWAY! Here is a recent story about our Wheelchair Ramp Building program that is our focus for this year’s fundraiser.

Julia is a member of the Gainesville community who uses a wheelchair due to her progressive disability. We built Julia a ramp when she stated that having one would give her the opportunity to come and go from her home as she pleases, and that she would feel much more independent and not have to rely on others to help her in and out of her home. Here is a picture of Julia’s ramp that was recently completed. She is forever grateful for the Center for Independent Living making her dream come true!

Ramps like these cannot exist without funding from people like you! Donations from The Amazing Give will go directly to assisting people with disabilities like Julia, who have been waiting months, if not years, for a ramp. Please help us spread the word and consider donating to this amazing cause!

Image Description: Light orange background with blue and green zigzag lines and the CIL logo in the bottom left corner. In the center is a photo of a small home with an extended wheelchair ramp. The photo is titled, “Julia’s Ramp” in large black letters in the bottom center.