Just 2 more weeks until The Amazing Give!

The Amazing Give is just 2 WEEKS AWAY on April 20th, and we wanted to share more about where your donation dollars will go!  This year, all funds raised will benefit our brand-new program, AgrAbility! 

Our work here at CILNCF is all about supporting individuals with disabilities to live independently and fulfill their goals. To gain a better understanding of AgrAbility, please read below:

Farmers and workers within the agricultural fields are more likely to have a disability than the general population due to hazardous conditions of their profession. It is estimated that nearly a third to half of farmers have a disability compared to a quarter of people in the general population. Farmers are more likely to have physical disabilities which prevents them from continuing to farm and work in agriculture. Many farmers with physical disabilities need adaptive equipment to keep working; however, they often cannot afford this equipment. Farmers experience high rates of mental health issues, have high rates of mental health issues and have six times the rate of suicides compared to the general population. Unfortunately, farmers rarely seek out mental health services and often to not have access to these services if they do with to utilize them.

The CILNCF started a brand-new collaboration with the University of Florida called the Florida AgrAbility Project. AgrAbility aims to serve farmers with all types of disabilities to ensure they secure, maintain, and sustain meaningful work in agriculture through:  offering worksite and home-based assessments; providing Assistive Technologies; modifying equipment and work sites; restructuring farm tasks; identifying resources and services that can aid their independence; and assisting them with inclusion in their communities through offering social opportunities that are essential for a high quality of life.

To donate on April 20th to our Amazing Give fundraiser, please visit: https://www.theamazinggive.org/organizations/center-for-independent-living-of-north-central-florida

VD: Video begins with showing the logos for: CILNCF, AgrAbility, and The Amazing Give. It then shows Lindsey Head at a farm/ranch speaking about Florida farmers. It then shifts to various videos of Mika Hardison speaking about her farm, The Herbal Bee. There are various scenes of bees and farming throughout the video as Mika speaks. Towards the end of the video, Tony Delisle speaks about the services that CILNCF provides. The video ends with logos for AgrAbility, CIL, The Amazing Give, and the following text: To donate to CILNCF’s Amazing Give, please visit: https://www.theamazinggive.org/organizations/center-for-independent-living-of-north-central-florida