Thank You Satchel’s for Supporting our Consumers!

The CIL would like to thank Satchel’s Pizza for supporting our Wheelchair Ramp Program!

David Nance’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s has progressed throughout the years, affecting his mobility and balance. In recent months, his children have had to assist David when entering or exiting their home, limiting his independence. David has needed support from one child in front of him and another behind him, as he is unable to use his walker on the stairs to maintain his balance. With the stairs as a barrier, David’s ability to leave his home was greatly limited, leading to feelings of isolation.

Thanks to funding from Satchel’s Pizza and their Satch Cares grant, the Nances’ received a new wheelchair ramp! The ramp allows David to live a more independent life, as he is now able to enter and exit his home as he pleases, and do so safely. David and his family are beyond grateful for the opportunity to get back to enjoying the outdoors together.

From the Nances’ and all of us here at CILNCF, thank you so much Satchel’s Pizza, for your continued generosity throughout Alachua County, and making this all possible! We truly appreciate your support of people with disabilities in our community!