Team Social at The Cade Museum!

We are continuing to highlight our most recent team socials! At the beginning of last month, the HSHT and FAAST teams enjoyed their time away from the office with a yummy lunch at Harry’s and a visit to the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. They explored exhibits that featured the history of animation, the story of toilets (exhibit is actually in the bathrooms!), and of course the invention of Gatorade. The museum is named after Dr. James Robert Cade, Gatorade’s lead inventor.

The team had a great time relaxing and enjoying their time together, and we are so happy to be able to continue providing these activities for our amazing staff who work so hard each and every day!

ID: Graphic has a vibrant purple background and contains 3 photos. The photo on the left shows (left to right) Niusha, Claudia, and Amy standing outside the Cade Museum under the sign. The top right photo shows (left to right) Claudia, Amy, and Niusha sitting at their table at Harry’s restaurant, enjoying a meal. The bottom right photo shows (left to right) Cade staff member, Niusha, Amy, and Claudia in the Fabrication (Fab) Lab, we’re standing around their 19th century printing press and pretending to use it as they did back in the day.