Tax Break Egg Hunt!

Our Health and Wellness activities during the spring continues! Tax Day is almost here, so we thought it would be fun to have a “Tax Break Egg Hunt” for our hardworking team! Earlier this week, both of our offices in Gainesville and Ocala enjoyed a festive egg hunt! Staff searched the perimeter of our buildings diligently, like big little kids, and scooped up colorful plastic eggs filled with a variety of goodies, such as $1 lottery tickets, $1 bills and quarters, 30 minutes of vacation time and candy, to help give them a little bit of a “break” for Tax Day! Everyone had a blast and we are so happy to have these fun opportunities to appreciate our awesome CIL team!

ID: There are a total of 2 graphics, each containing 5 photos.

The first graphic has a bright green background with 5 photos; from the top left corner in clockwise order:
1) Clara hunting for eggs in the bushes outside, on left side of the CIL; she is walking towards the camera and smiling.
2) Alex outside in the back of the CIL, holding up his arms with his eggs in his hands; he has an expressive smile on his face.
3) Sada sitting at a table in the CIL activity room, holding up two of her plastic eggs; she is smiling with her mouth open.
4) Medjina sitting at a table in the CIL activity room; she is smiling and holding up a piece of candy with her plastic eggs on the table.
5) From left to right, Kathy (sitting) and Christie (standing), at the table in the CIL activity room with their egg haul.

The second graphic has a bright blue background with 5 photos; from the top left corner in clockwise order:
1) Cammeron hunting eggs outside; he is standing on the sidewalk of the CIL parking lot, smiling and holding his eggs in his hands.
2) Holly (left) and Clara (right) holding up their colorful eggs in the CIL activity room; they are both smiling and Holly is sitting at a table, with Clara standing and leaning towards her.
3) Group pic of Ocala team by the Ocala office activity room tables, they are all smiling and holding up their eggs and prizes; from left to right are Kevin (sitting), Lauren (standing), Peg (standing), Colleen (standing), Brandon (standing) and Lucinda (sitting).
4) Stephanie holding up her colorful eggs, standing in the CIL activity room.
5) From left to right, Ashlyn, Debbie and Amy, standing outside in front of one of the CIL front doors to the far left of the building. They are all smiling, Ashlyn has her mouth open. Debbie is giving the I love you sign with her right hand, by Ashlyn’s head, while holding her colorful eggs in her left hand.