Staff Halloween Spooktacular!

CIL staff celebrated Halloween with a spooktacular twist as part of our monthly Health and Wellness activities. Gainesville’s team enjoyed a tasty Publix buffet, while Ocala staff relished delicious Publix box lunches. Fun activities included Halloween trivia, word games, a pumpkin challenge, and a lively costume contest. Laughter, sweet and savory treats, and camaraderie made it a memorable day. Throughout the season, our Halloween spirit shone with creative door decorations, and a “Spooky Secret Staff” game added a spooky touch to the weeks leading up to Halloween. We hope you all had a bewitching Halloween season!

ID: Nine graphics are included:

Pic #1: Gainesville staff in the activity room – A group picture with staff members in various costumes, including Clara and Holly as jelly beans, Amy with Haunted Mansion Minnie ears, Ashlyn as an astronaut, Sada as a cockroach, CIL interns Kayla and Jillian as Florida tourists, Cammeron as Akatsuki (Crimson Moon) from Anime, and Alex as a rock star with a spiky red wig and guitar.

Pic #2: Ocala staff – Colleen and Lucinda enjoying lunch at a table, with Colleen dressed as Rey from Star Wars, holding a lightsaber.

Pic #3: Gainesville staff at the buffet – Ashlyn, Stephanie in a Gator jersey, and Lindsey with Stephanie holding her plate of food.

Pic #4: Lunchtime trio – Niusha, Kim, and Claudia at a table, with Claudia holding a cupcake, wearing a bright orange pumpkin shirt.

Pic #5: Sada and Cammeron – Seated at a table in their costumes, enjoying lunch.

Pic #6: Alex with his guitar – Posing in his rock star costume, holding a guitar pick with his right arm raised.

Pic #7: Myrtle as the “Cereal Killer” – Posing in a costume with small cereal boxes and plastic spoons taped to her shirt, holding a plastic knife.

Pic #8: Clara and Holly – Dressed as jelly beans, standing side by side.

Pic #9: CIL interns Kayla and Jillian – Posing in their Florida tourist costumes, with Kayla pretending to take a picture and Jillian pointing with an open mouth and wide-eyed expression.