Special Thanks to UF Disability Resource Center for volunteering at the CIL!

This holiday season, the CIL welcomed seven volunteers from the UF Disability Resource Center and one CIL intern, who all helped the CIL prepare for our ILS group holidays! They assembled 14 craft bags of ILS activities for the month of December, and we are so grateful for all of their hard work and support!

December is the month we learn the importance of giving to others and how much more thoughtful it is to give someone a gift made from our hearts, rather than just buying something! Because of our wonderful volunteers, our consumers were able to make their own craft gifts, wrap the gifts, and prepare them to be given to friends and family. They were also able to celebrate the holidays with a party, play some fun on-line games, and receive some special gifts from the CIL.

Thank you so much again to all of our amazing CIL volunteers and interns! You truly help us continue to make a difference and provide the needed services to our consumers, especially during these challenging times!