Sarah’s Story: A Gift to Give

In September of 2016, Sarah came to us, very discouraged. She was working, however, she felt she was going nowhere. She wanted something more for her life. We spent many months looking for janitorial work because she felt that was all she could do. Along the way, we learned that Sarah loved people and had an outgoing personality. When a server position became available at The Village, she applied, with some convincing. She went to the interview and learned about the positive working environment where employees are shown appreciation, along with being able to help others. She left the interview feeling amazed that she had been offered the job. All along, we knew what she was about to learn about herself, over time — that she had a gift to give to others.

Over the year or so that she has been working for The Village, she has been nominated twice for the Wall of Fame and earned Associate of the Month. Cheryl Huntington, Sarah’s Manager, says that Sarah is willing to work hard to change her life and make things better for everyone. Her outgoing personality and hard work ethic prove to be a great combination. She has made a noticeable difference in the lives of those individuals that she has touched.

Sarah has been complimented by others, as well, noting that she always takes extra time with some of the more challenging residents to make sure their needs are met. Ms. Huntington wrote to Sarah, “For your hard work and your honesty, I thank you; for being brave enough to come forward and make a difference, I applaud you; mostly, I am glad that you decided to stay and try something new.”

Kudos, Sarah! It has only been a year. Just think of all that you can accomplish for your future!