Respond with Care Stickers

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has introduced a program called “Respond with Care” aimed at enhancing the safety of individuals with special needs. They are offering free stickers for vehicles used by individuals who regularly or occasionally transport passengers with special needs. These stickers, bearing the message “special needs occupant” and “respond with care,” will help first responders understand the need for caution and specialized care in case of an accident. The program serves as a crucial communication link between special needs citizens and emergency responders, ensuring their safety and well-being.

The “Respond with Care” stickers are available for pickup at all MCSO district office locations (

ID: Photo #1 shows a “Respond with Care” sticker displayed on the back window of a car. Photo #2 shows a stack of “Respond with Care” stickers on a counter with a hand picking up a sticker at the top of the stack.