Ready for a change in your life? Consider all the possibilities with JP-PAS!

We’re continuing to spread the word and let everyone know that the Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living (FACIL) is still accepting applications for the James Patrick Memorial Work Incentive Personal Assistant Services and Employment Assistance (JP-PAS) Program!

The JP-PAS Program truly changes lives by providing monthly stipends to qualified Floridians with disabilities who are employed and require personal assistance services for daily living. If you or anyone you know would benefit from this amazing program or if you would like to learn more and make a change in your life, please visit!

Image description: Sunset background of blue at the top, fading into yellow, orange and red towards the bottom, with black hill tops at the very bottom. The top of the image reads: “The JP-PAS Personal Attendant Services and Employment Assistance Program” in large dark purple lettering. In the bottom center of the graphic, there is a stick figure illustration of a person in a wheelchair working at a computer. The FACIL logo is in the center of the graphic on the left side and the JP-PAS logo is in the center on the right side. In between them is the program’s website, written in the above paragraph.